Wine evokes shared moments, awakens curiosity, and inspires a thirst for knowledge… a symbol of French tradition par excellence, an inviting blend of history, terroir, grapes, and human influence…

Does wine interest you, inspire you?
Do you seek to discover, learn, make progress, master?
Are you interested in following a general course of study, changing your career path, or fine-tuning your knowledge of wine?
Enthusiast or professional, are you looking for a qualifying, internationally recognised programme in wine and spirits?

Wine and Spirit Education Trust

VINISCALIES is a qualifying course of wine and spirits education, created  by Caline Sokolow in 2009. Certified subsidiary of the prestigious institution “Wine and Spirit Education Trust” (WSET) in France, Viniscalies is recognised as an Approved Programme Provider for professionals in the wine industry.

WSET, a strong assurance

The prestigious British institution of “Wine and Spirit Education Trust” has become the foremost international body in the field of wines and spirits education. Today, subsidiary centres organise wine education courses, spirits courses, and wine tastings for professionals and enthusiasts in 50 countries worldwide. The high standard of teaching in these training courses enable future candidates to increase their theoretical knowledge, while developing their wine tasting abilities.

A diploma recognised by professionals

The WSET diplomas are widely recognised by professionals in the wine industry, both in France and abroad…a reference point for employment in the wine industry.

Caline Sokolow, an experienced teacher

Caline Sokolow Dégustation

The course of study is led by Caline Sokolow.

Graduate of the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, and following diverse experiences in the hotel and restaurant industry, Caline has chosen to focus her career in the area of wine and spirits, and for the past several years, has worked for a reputable chain of wine stores.

She is a graduate of the highest level of the WSET in England (Level 4 diploma), and also holds a master of OIV (Organisation Internationale du Vin), which concluded with a world tour to meet various key figures in the wine industry.

Currently, Caline Sokolow is Purchasing Manager at Julien de Savignac.

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